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Why His Name is NOT “The Lord”

    “95% or more of all Bible Translations in the hands of readers deceivingly tell their readers His Name is actually “The Lord” … “   If you walk into any church... Read More

Why Christians Should NOT Celebrate Christmas

Here is an excellent teaching resource exposing the ugly truth about Christmas. This excellent sermon given by Pastor Wagner explains why Christians should NOT celebrate Christmas because it is the pagan holiday of Saturnalia and Natalis... Read More

War in Heaven

Lew White take us through this amazing subject, showing that the War in Heaven is not where you think it will be. It has already started, but who is winning? Your involvement will... Read More

The Heartbeat of Creation

A highly recommended and excellent Live Torah Seminar by Lew White. Lunar Sabbathers must wonder why Yahuah did not use the Moon to determine His weekly Sabbath when He delivered His people from Mitsrayim, but rather... Read More

The Truth About Superheroes

  Have you ever wondered where the concept of “Superheroes” comes from? How about aliens? What about Greek mythology? And what’s the connection to the biblical Nephilim? The truth may surprise you. If... Read More

Scriptural Observances & Celebrations

Join Lew White in this excellent Torah Seminar as he takes us through the Torah (Instructions) to unlock the spiritual significance behind the scriptural feasts (mo’edim) and how they are all part of... Read More