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Should Christians Celebrate Halloween in Any Form?

The history of Halloween goes back a lot further than many modern Christians realize.

  • What do the pagan Celtic roots of this celebration mean for Christians today?
  • Since Yahusha (aka Jesus) overcame death and the grave, can true followers “reclaim” Halloween and use it as an opportunity to mock Satan and glorify The Creator?
  • If not, can’t we simply replace the “evil” parts of Halloween and turn it into a “Harvest Festival,” with costumes and “trunk-or-treat” parties?

This is a sensitive subject in Christianity today, with passionate arguments on both sides. In this excellent teaching, Jim Staley presents Halloween in its original context, explaining the historical significance and roots of this celebration in an attempt to answer these important questions.

Whether you currently celebrate Halloween or not, you NEED to watch and share this important teaching!

Should Christians Celebrate Any Version of Halloween? – Jim Staley: