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The Truth About Superheroes


Have you ever wondered where the concept of “Superheroes” comes from?
How about aliens? What about Greek mythology? And what’s the connection to the biblical Nephilim? The truth may surprise you.

If we think more intently about it, we may begin to see that the very idea of superheroes having super powers actually causes people to feel that they have been designed in inadequacy. They begin to desire “super” powers in order to “deal” with their life, their circumstances and even their very existence. This is a very dangerous deception to entertain.

As believers, we should understand that our Creator, Yahuah, is the only one we should rely on with all of our strengths and our weaknesses – allowing Him with His Set-apart Spirit to move in supernatural ways in our lives.

To understand more of how the enemy has usurped and deceived the masses using books, movies, and other forms of “entertainment” with this clever lie and to begin to understand what is really behind the idea of superheroes, watch this truth-bearing, enlightening video snippet below.

This powerful video is a snippet from the sermon “Exposing the Mystery of Iniquity” by Pastor Gary C. Price at Omega Church & Ministries Center.

Sermon snippet exposing Who or What are the Nephilim?:



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