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The Heartbeat of Creation

A highly recommended and excellent Live Torah Seminar by Lew White.

Lunar Sabbathers must wonder why Yahuah did not use the Moon to determine His weekly Sabbath when He delivered His people from Mitsrayim, but rather used manna. The Moon phases would have made it very simple. It must also seem strange to them that He would make it difficult and keep the Moon’s involvement a secret from so many people for so long. Or, it may be that the Moon isn’t involved in the weekly counting of days at all, as we see a distinction between the weekly Sabbath and the annual mo’edim (appointed-times) at Lev 23. The annual mo’edim are all determined by the Moon, but the weekly Sabbath is mentioned separately, and first. The 7-day week was begun BEFORE the Moon was created, so the Sun, Moon, and Stars exist within the context of the week, not the week in the context of the phases of the Moon… The Moon was created within the context (environment, frame of reference, framework) of the week; not the week in the environment of the Moon… The heartbeat of Creation is therefore the week, not the Sun, Moon, and Stars.