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The Importance of The Name


Note to those calling on the name of “god”:

Let’s first be clear that “god” is by no means another, acceptable name for the Creator, Yahuah. God is in fact, the Babylonian deity of fortune and you can actually find Yahuah addressing the worship of this deity by His people in YashaYahu/Isaiah 65:11 (BDB/Strong’s ref. H1408). I’d add that Brown-Driver & Briggs Dictionary, Strong Dictionary (not concordance), Ernest Klein’s Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary of Hebrew for Readers of English (page 106pdf; 91book) as well as Wikipedia all corroborate the identity of this deity “god/gad”.

Consider the name of this town situated in ancient Lebanon mentioned in Husha bn Nun/Joshua 11:17; 12:7 & 13:5. The city was called Ba‛al Gad (H1171) i.e. “Lord Gad/God” or” the master of fortune”. The people whom Yashar’al dispossessed in Baal Gad worshiped this deity. Further evidence illustrates the worship of this deity as early as “proto Canaanite” suggesting that it is possible to conclude that this deity was worshipped in “Transjordan” pre-Yashar’al. Therefore, it is no surprise that “gad/god” is attested in later literature in which he was identified with the planet Jupiter. Do your homework on who that planet is named after. The deception goes deep but it makes sense why Babylon today would print “In God We Trust” on their currency; they worship the deity of fortune…

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