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Is the Sun Becoming Darkened?

The sun is turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the coming of the great and awesome day of Yahuah.
– Joel 2:31

A gigantic coronal hole hovering over the sun’s north pole was found on or around July 18, 2013 by NASA. The image above was published on July 29 2013. This dark spot was said to comprise a quarter of the surface, however, what they didn’t disclose about this image is that it was one of the last of several frames gathered at this same time showing the entire surface of the sun. When viewing all of these images in sequence, we find that the entire back of the sun (not shown in the published still image) is dark as well.

Get the whole picture by viewing the video of the captured images sequence below.

Source: ‘Giant hole’ in sun spotted by spacecraft”

See the FoxNews Report published Jul 30, 2013 here:

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